Helping to Build Leaders

NACS Executive Education offers a range of classes at elite universities.

Helping to Build Leaders

May 2024   minute read

Informed, confident and nuanced leaders are the best asset an organization can have. The NACS Executive Education series has partnered with world-class institutions—boasting some of the best educators in the world—to provide exclusive training to shape the forward-thinking, determined leaders who will seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

The NACS Executive Education series is the only comprehensive, multidiscipline industry curricula that offers customized, Ivy League training exclusively for senior convenience management. When it comes to transformative learning for the top-most sector of the convenience channel, NACS brings 60 years of industry experience and the global network to deliver an unparalleled education experience.

Each immersive program is designed to actualize potential. Which will you and your team attend?

Financial Leadership Program

July 14-19, 2024
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Balance sheets are black and white. The thinking around finances, the insights and the strategies are where financial awareness (and associated action) grows more informed, more confident, more lucrative. Designed for executives who seek to maximize their financial adeptness and in turn amp up their organizational value and their organization’s bottom line.

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Marketing Leadership Program

July 21-26, 2024
Northwestern University

When you deeply understand and connect with your customer, you excel. When you don’t, you decline. Marketing is about showing customers that you understand them; you have what they need. And it’s about building the connections that create loyalty. Are you a senior-level executive looking refine your expertise when it comes to branding, consumer experience and analytics? This program is for you.

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Executive Leadership Program

July 28-August 1, 2024
Cornell University

Competition surrounds you. How will you lead? How will you excel? Senior-level retail management, this program is designed to enlighten, inform and level up your skills. Foster new ways of thinking and responding to the challenges you will face. Be equipped, and own your position as a visionary leader.

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Innovation Leadership Program

November 3-8, 2024
MIT Sloan School of Management

Innovation isn’t just a word—it’s a necessity. In convenience, we must bring it to our perspective, our skillset and our implementation. Because without innovation, stagnation sets in. And we all know this fast-paced world has no room for stagnation. Want to be an innovator? An innovative thinker? Want to network with other innovative leaders? This program is for you.

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Women’s Leadership Program

November 17-22, 2024
Yale School of Management

Unapologetic. Powerful. Respected. Authentic. Women aren’t simply equipped to succeed because they are human—they have unique strengths. Often they can harness an innate emotional intelligence that allows a deeper breadth of understanding and clarity. This empowering course is designed for women who want to individually and collectively bolster their leadership abilities, reinvigorate their companies and expand their networks.

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