Inform. Motivate. Entertain.

Those three words were used by then-NACS Chairman Henry O. Armour (now NACS president and CEO) to describe the objectives of NACS Magazine more than two decades ago.
Beginning with our inaugural March 2002 issue, NACS Magazine has evolved from our need to better communicate our industry's story and what NACS was doing on its members’ behalf—notably our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill. We still do that, but we also capitalize on our ability to have conversations with NACS members, share ideas and make our global convenience retail industry better.
NACS Magazine was the first to communicate significant industry issues to industry stakeholders, such as the need for credit card swipe fee reform, the early years of offering healthier foods, snacks and beverages, trusted NACS research and analytics, the growth of key categories and emerging trends, and exclusive insights from convenience retailer and supplier leaders.
Over the years, NACS Magazine readers have come to expect insightful analysis, thought leadership, research and ideas in every issue.
You can expect NACS Magazine to evolve and uphold its brand promise of being a trusted publication that best represents the uniqueness and passion of our industry.